Hula hoop Bubble, Show visual, acrobatic dance,


Show with Hula Hoop, dance

and acrobatics

for stage or smooth floor


With 1 bubble of 2,70 meter.

Duration: 6 min.

Space: 8 x 10 meters


Sensia entraps you into another world of performance, in which Christine melts dance, acrobatics and the art of Hula Hoop, forming fascinating images with her enchanting spirit.


Christine and her circling hoops fill the space with their bubbly nature and dynamic moves.


The artist will take you to an extraordinary journey during which she discovers her sphere and its possibilities and begins to play with it.

Training in Berlin at the Ballhaus Rixdorf








Creation 2009


hula-hoop bubble,
Akrobatische Hula Hoop, Hula Hoop in der Kugel,

pictures Ramtin Zanjani