Sphere Celeste visual and acrobatic performance for the opening of Leidens Ontzet - The celebration of the liberation of Leiden in 1574, the Relief of Leiden.

2 october 2013, in Netherlands


Eldile duo dance in the bubbles for the 25 Birthday of Plana

in Stuttgart, Germany the 1st december 2013


Nebula Swing walk-act in the bubble for the The Style Outlets - Fashion Event in Roppenheim, France

from the 25th to the 27th april 2013


Sphere Celeste trio with arialist, danse in the sphere and violin for the StArt Festival in Tegelen, The Netherlands

Totaal Theater the 17 march 2013.


Walk-act danse in the sphere for the carnaval in Bidart, France.

2 march 2013